Thursday, February 24, 2005

Luxury Essentials: Breakdown of a Luxury Bedding Set - Pillows

Luxury Bedding

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This article is the first in a series intended to provide quality information about luxury bedding. After doing some research about this subject I found that there really wasn't a definitive resource. My background is rooted in the bedding industry. I worked for one of the largest natural bedding manufacturers and distributors in the world. I was lucky enough too be assigned a few 4-star hotel accounts to help me get a first hand look at luxury bedding. In 2002 we started too offer the highest quality bedding available online, feel free to browse our shop and send us an email if you have any questions.

In this first article, we will discuss what makes up a Luxury Bedding Set. I will go over each piece and talk about its role and the things too look for, when finding quality bedding. Also at the end I will provide a glossary for some of the terms used in this article to help understand the marketing that goes into bedding these days.

Breakdown of a Luxury Bedding Set - Pillows:

Pillows - Quality pillows are essential in attaining a good nights rest. They are used to cradle your neck and provide support for your head. I believe many people still go out and buy any pillow on sale before looking into what kind of pillow they need for there type of sleeping style. I break pillows down into 3 support categories:

Soft: Pillows billed as Down or Goose Down. These are for people who like minimal support under there head when they sleep and want it too feel like they are sleeping on air.

Medium: Pillows billed as blended (Down and Feather mix) or most synthetic pillows fall into this category. I feel 60-70% of consumers fall in this category. They want support under there head but also want the pillow to feel like a cloud.

Firm: Pillows billed as firm are usually 100% feather, Heavy fill Synthetic, Buckwheat or "Grandma's style" pillows. This is for people who want strong support under there head or might have neck or back problems. If you do have back problems you might want too look into foam-core pillows also.

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