Thursday, April 07, 2005

Textiles groups readying next wave of safeguard petitions

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Source: HTT

WASHINGTON - A textiles industry coalition this morning said it will file seven petitions covering 14 categories of products they view as in need of safeguard protections from Chinese imports.

The move follows an announcement earlier in the week by the Bush Administration that it would initiate a safeguard consideration of cotton tops, cotton trousers and underwear. This morning's coalition announcement also involves apparel categories: sweaters, knit and non-knit shirts, brassieres, dressing gowns, man-made fiber trousers and synthetic filament fabric.

"This is not going to be the final set of filings that we as an industry are going to undertake," said Augie Tantillo, executive director, The American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition. "We are viewing this as a long-term battle. We want a comprehensive arrangement with China in terms of their textile and apparel exports to the United States. We do not believe this problem can be solved by taking an action on a couple of categories here and a couple of categories there."