Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How to Buy a Luxury Down Comforter

How to Buy a Comforter Comforters are cozy "must have" for a cold night. What better way to wrap yourself in warmth than with a nice, soft comforter. These considerations can help you select the right comforter

1. The first step is to decide how large of a down comforter you want. You can buy comforters for twin or for king beds, or for any sized bed in-between the two. Some people, however, like to buy comforters bigger than their beds, especially if they have a twin bed. Why? Down Comforters are often called to duty in other places besides the bed, like a couch or a floor when you are watching TV or reading. People like to have enough comforter to be able to either roll themselves up in it or to share with another person. So, you may want to buy a comforter that can do double duty as an all-around blanket.

2. The big decision involves whether you buy a comforter that is filled with all-natural down or with a synthetic material. Down, of course, is the under-layer of soft feathers found on birds. The softest down is considered to come from the eider, a large type of duck. Down comforters can be filled completely with 100% down, or they can be filled with a combination of down and less soft feathers. Be sure to check which is true of any down comforter you are considering. Of course, a 100% down comforter is the more expensive of the two.

3. A synthetic comforter filling that is gaining in popularity is the Primaloft comforter. Primaloft is a synthetic material that is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. It mimics the lightness and spring of down, as well as down's insulating characteristics. Primaloft comforters are especially the choice of people who are allergic to feathers.

4. Another consideration when buying a comforter is whether or not it is quilted. A quilted comforter contains its filling in spaces bounded by the quilt stitching. A comforter without quilting is essentially a large bag of down or Primaloft. Many people consider quilted comforters easier to wash and control, since the filling cannot all shift to one edge or corner.

5. Finally consider the shell of your comforter. It is best to have a shell made of cotton fabric, as cotton breathes and allows some heat to pass through. Synthetic shells can actually make the comforter too warm. You can also buy a comforter with a plain, white shell that is meant to be covered with a duvet. Or you can buy a comforter that has a colored and/or patterned shell. These comforters do not require the extra expense of a cover.

Caution! Make sure you only consider comforters that can be easily washed. All bedding must be washed sooner or later, and a comforter that must be dry cleaned will cost you much in cleaning expense. A comforter that can be tossed into the washing machine is usually just as warm and useful as one that needs to be dry cleaned.

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