Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thread Count 350, but Who's Counting?


Although you may have to squint to see the discreet signs, sales abound this month at these polite Old World emporiums, discounts of 25 percent and upward. Yes, expensive: at Porthault the most basic set of bed linen in queen size, a bottom and a top sheet and two shams, begins at around $800. But since statisticians estimate you will spend about 30 percent of your life in bed, why not?

Amortization is the guardian angel of luxury (as well as the first assistant of overspending denial, I suppose). For instance, consider the nice people who save all year so they can go away on those cruise ships with umpteen hundred people. A few thousand dollars later all they have is sunburn and "experience," and how good is this after that demon tailor called memory snips away? Instead, they could have bought soft, delicious bed linen at Porthault, and it would have lasted a lifetime. (Try not to use too much soap when washing.)

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