Monday, February 27, 2006

The Ultimate Pillow Fighting Championship

In training for the first ever pillow fight club at Justin Herman Plaza yesterday evening, we upped our protein intake and worked on our cardio and conditioning. We honestly did not know what to expect, all we knew is that we didn't want to be out of breath, like so many laps around the school yard we completed in elementary school.

Arriving thirty minutes early, we started warming up, roadwork, push-ups, a couple of rounds of shadowboxing. Sure, we do Muay Thai, but for all intents and purposes we are an embarrassment to the sport, and a career in combat sports will never open up for us. We figured that this will be only our chance to shine. This will be our Rocky moment, our thrilla in Manila.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fall asleep with the Sound Pillow

Do you enjoy falling asleep to music? Well this should appeal to you. A pillow with built-in secret speakers that "surround you in sound" when connected to a portable music player has been launched by the RNID in the UK.

The Sound Pillow is recommended by the RNID for listening to audio books or even podcasts, but was originally developed to help relieve symptoms of tinnitus - a ringing sound in the ears or in the head. Even if you don't suffer from hearing problems, it's still worth a look if you just want to nod off to your favourite tunes without the hassle of headphones.

The musical pillow costs $49.00usd, not a massive amount more than that other sleeping aid - the Coldplay CD.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Memory Foam Furniture Introduces New Luxurpedic Memory Foam Mattresses and Memory Foam Couches and Chairs

Memory Foam Furniture introduces Memory Foam Couches and Chairs, incorporating fine Italian leather and memory foam to create the most luxurious seating surface available today. Their line of Luxurpedic Mattresses have been redesigned to offer even greater sleep to their customers.

Luxurpedic memory foam mattresses have been redesigned to offer an even greater level of comfort. The Euphoria mattress incorporates a six inch layer of tri-zoned latex and 4 inches of 5.3 lb. memory foam. Latex provides greater support than a traditional polyeurethane base.

Memory Foam Furniture is run by a disabled veteran and his wife. The owner has Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and permanent nerve damage due to military service. He purchased a memory foam mattress topper from Wal-Mart and has been infatuated with the product ever since. Luxurpedic Bedding is the product of over 10 years of research with design assistance from Chiropractors and Physicians. Every mattress is designed to provide the best sleeping surface for an individual and their current situation. Whether you suffer from back pain, restlessness, or just want a luxurious, pressure free sleep environment, there are models that fit your situation. Their sleep and furniture experts are on call to answer any questions and help customers find the best mattresses.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

You'll rest easy with the right comforter

Choosing a comforter can be a chore.

So many options are out there and most are expensive, even at discount stores. People also use comforters differently. Many buy a purely decorative comforter, using it as a bedspread and layering blankets and sheets underneath. Others buy a down comforter and a duvet cover, so warm that no flat sheet or blanket is required.

A decorative comforter for an adult, usually filled with polyester, starts at more than $150 for a queen. A good-quality down or silk comforter costs at least $300. Plan on spending at least $100 more for a duvet cover.

Decorative comforters are best for kids' rooms because they can be thrown into the washing machine a few times a month. Although they're less expensive, they wear faster. Their colors fade, and they eventually show dirt because their bulk makes them difficult to launder in the average machine.

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