Thursday, February 02, 2006

You'll rest easy with the right comforter

Choosing a comforter can be a chore.

So many options are out there and most are expensive, even at discount stores. People also use comforters differently. Many buy a purely decorative comforter, using it as a bedspread and layering blankets and sheets underneath. Others buy a down comforter and a duvet cover, so warm that no flat sheet or blanket is required.

A decorative comforter for an adult, usually filled with polyester, starts at more than $150 for a queen. A good-quality down or silk comforter costs at least $300. Plan on spending at least $100 more for a duvet cover.

Decorative comforters are best for kids' rooms because they can be thrown into the washing machine a few times a month. Although they're less expensive, they wear faster. Their colors fade, and they eventually show dirt because their bulk makes them difficult to launder in the average machine.

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