Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Silk Comforter Review - Biltmore Dupioni Silk Baffle-Box Comforter

Silk Comforter

The Biltmore Dupioni Silk Baffle-Box Comforter is the gorgeous down comforter we will be reviewing today. The essential difference between the Biltmore Dupioni Silk Baffle-Box Comforter and most other baffle-box construction is the quality. It uses a Baffle-Box construction and Silk shell too keep it smooth on you skin. Filled in this comforter is some 42-50 oz. of White Goose Down. So it keeps you warmer through the fall season in the Northeast.


Workmanship: We were impressed by the workmanship and liked the construction into squares. We liked the Baffle-Box construction.

Luxurious Fabric: The Biltmore Dupioni Silk Baffle-Box Comforter lives up to its name and delighted us. This silk comforter felt soft, drapeable and unbelievably luxurious.

Weight Warmth: The weight of this down filled comforter will work well for all year round use in moderate to cold climates. A generous amount a fill was used in this over-sized comforter.

Best Value: Given the weight of down fill, this down filled comforter got our vote for the best buy for the money.

Quality of Down Fill: At 650 Fill Power this comforter came with all the warmth we needed. Even with the higher Fill Power it was still light on our body.

Not so Good:

Silk Comforter Care: A good silk comforter will last about 5 and up to 10 years if proper care is taken to treat it right. This includes always having a duvet cover on it and never trying to wash it yourself which would invalidate the warranty. A silk comforter needs professional dry cleaning.

Duvet Cover: We believe that a duvet cover is absolutely essential. This is need too protect your investment.

Warmth: This comforter is definitely for a warmer sleeper. If you like it toasty at night this comforter is for you.

Summary: The Biltmore Dupioni Silk Baffle-Box Comforter is the best value for a luxurious silk comforter.

Silk Comforter
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