Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Creature Comforts: Readers donate squares that are turned into cat blankets for local animal shelters

We who live with cats know they are heat-seeking pleasure lovers, that they will appropriate for themselves the warmest, cushiest places in the house. If an afghan rests on the back of a chair, the cat will lie on it. If a soft pillow is propped on an easy chair, the cat will cuff it down onto the seat and pat it into a bed. Leave a sweater on a chair and the resident puss will rearrange it to make itself a cozy nest.

But orphaned cats waiting to be adopted often live in confinement at animal shelters without the option of ferreting out soft, comfortable places to doze or contemplate the world. That thought prompted me in January to ask readers to knit or crochet and send to me 6-inch squares that could be sewn into bedding or what I have come to refer to as "cat mats."

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